V2X Technologies Coming Soon

V2X: Communication between vehicles – V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure).

Safety and traffic congestion are two of the largest issues on our roads today. That is why a lot of research and development are going into the technology of automobiles talking to each other and traffic lights. If the industry launches it correctly, most of the 33,000 annual auto deaths in the US and much of the 3 billion gallons of fuel wasted in traffic could be saved.

In the US, V2X will be part of the 5.9 GHz band, an unlicensed frequency which is used by WiFi. In other geographical regions similar unlicensed frequencies will be used, although cellular mobile frequencies may also play a part in larger V2X deployments.

Worldwide V2X technology will become significant around 2018 when over 1.5 million light vehicles are sold with this technology. By 2025 over 5.6 million passenger light vehicles will be sold with V2X technology.

Information on v2x.com can be obtained by email at tom@v2x.com or by phone at (615)294-7123